» Unique Student Identifier

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters that is free and easy to create. If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you will need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment from Modular Training.

The USI will give you access to an online record of your nationally recognised training in the form of a USI Transcript. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

Under the Student Identifiers Act 2014 and Student Identifiers (Exemptions) Instrument 2014, training organisations are not allowed to issue a qualification or statement of attainment unless the student has a USI.

Even if you enrol with a training organisation to complete only part of a course, a module or a single unit you will still require a USI.

» Steps to create a USI

The following steps show how students can create a USI:

Step 1 Have at least one and preferably two forms of ID ready from the list below:

  1. Driver’s Licence
  2. Medicare Card
  3. Australian Passport
  4. Non-Australian Passport (with Australian Visa)
  5. Birth Certificate (Australian)
  6. Certificate Of Registration By Descent
  7. Citizenship Certificate
  8. Immi Card

IMPORTANT: To make sure we keep all the student’s training records together, the USI will be linked to the student’s name as it appears on the form of ID used to create the USI. The personal details entered when a student creates a USI must match exactly with those on their form of ID.

If a student has no proof of ID from the list above, they will be required to contact their training organisation about other forms of ID they can accept to help a student get a USI.

Step 2 Have contact details ready (e.g. email address, or mobile number, or address).

Step 3 Visit the USI website at: www.usi.gov.au

Step 4 Select ‘Student Entry’ and then Select ‘Create a USI’ link and follow the steps.

Step 5 Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 6 Follow the instructions to create a USI – it should only take a few minutes. Upon completion, the USI will be displayed on the screen. It will also be sent to the student’s preferred method of contact.

Step 7 The student should then write down the USI and keep it somewhere handy and safe.