Shotfirer’s Career Path

What are the key milestones in a typical shotfirer’s career path in the mining industry?

  1. Obtain a Dangerous Goods Security Card (DGSC).
  2. Start as charge-up crew (underground), blast crew or shotfirers assistant (surface).
  3. Develop your skills and experience by working with an experienced shotfirer and/or shotfiring team in an active mine site.
  4. After a minimum of 6 months, depending on your experience, complete a surface or underground shotfiring course.
  5. Obtain Statement of Attainment SoA and apply for your shotfiring licence.
  6. Continue working and developing your experience and skill set at a mine site; keep practicing alongside other experienced shotfirers.
  7. Once you’ve gained solid experience you can progress your career into leading hand or blast supervisors roles, trainer and assessors, civil/demolition blasting, consultancy, leadership and management roles and even ongoing into blast design or mining engineering avenues.
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