Modular Projects

Newmont – Boddington gold mine

BHP BIO – Area C, Eastern ridge, Jimblebar, Yandi & Yarrie operations

Jarrahfire drilling

Goldfields – Granny smith underground mine

Scorpion haulage

Rock on ground

WA maritime museum

Macmahon holdings

Blasting consultation, development and delivery of blast training packages onsite aligned with RII09 requirements:


  • Explosives and security risk substance awareness training
  • Pyrotechnic training
  • Introduction to blasting
  • Misfire awareness training
  • Conduct support shotfiring operations (RII09)
  • Conduct surface shotfiring operations (RII09)
  • Store, handle and transport explosives (RII09)
  • Conduct secondary blasting (RII09)
  • Conduct mobile mixing of explosive’s (RII09)
  • Conduct operations with integrated tool carrier (RII09)
  • Conduct surface blasthole drilling operations (RII09)
  • Set up and prepare for open cut drilling operations (RII09)
  • SRS facility management
  • Magazine facility controller
  • Blast guard
  • Blast controller
  • Supervisor coaching
  • Trainer training
  • Auditing
  • Blast procedures
  • Explosives and blast management plans
    • Training and assessment tools and templates
    • Training plans
    • Power points
    • Resource manuals
    • Theory assessments
    • Theory assessment answers
    • Trainer / learner training guides
    • Practical assessments
    • Mapping of training

For enquiries about our projects, please contact:

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